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Develop secure & private digital voting apps with few lines of code

Designed for developers, abstracting the complexities involved in secure and private voting protocols. Create AGMs, elections and proposals with ease, multiple election types, check voter eligibility and much more!

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Create and integrate
applications quickly and easily.


Check the docs for registering an account, creating a voting process, fetch election info, voting to a process and more!


A live preview for testing the SDK, connect your wallet and start creating an election in less than 10 sec.


Review examples on how to implement Vocdoni SDK into your react applications.

Easy way to get started

Easily create variety of Elections

With just a few simple steps, it is very easy to set up everything, from basic surveys to complex voting systems, with single vote, weighted vote or anonymous, just with a simple configuration flag.


A first generation voting protocol

A completely anonymous voting system that guarantees the availability of the data and a censorship resistant of the data and a communication protocol resistant to censorship. Based on decentralised technologies such as Ethereum, Daichain, Tendermint, IPFS and zero-knowledge proofs.

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